Meet Darwin The Dog!

    Darwin loves to be silly and run around in the playground.

    Darwin loves to do science experiments and test out theories about how the world works.

    Darwin also loves to enjoy stories from a long, long time ago.

    Darwin also knows that these are just stories though, and that they aren't real.

    Some of them were written down in books a long time ago,

    and some of them were repeated from memory until someone wrote them down many years later.

    Darwin also knows that some people still believe in some of these stories, and that's okay.

    Darwin is a humanist. He believes in being a good person, even though he doesn't believe in any of the gods from his stories.

    Darwin loves using his imagination, but he only believes in things that he can see in the real world.

    Things like friendship, and being nice, and learning.

    And so do Darwin's parents.





    Here are 7 things
    that Darwin has
    promised to do.

    Darwin knows that doing all of these things is the best way to have lots of friends, and feel happy and satisfied every day.

    • BE


      "I promise to be nice to other people, just because it's the right thing to do."

    • Care for the world around us!

      "I promise to help take care of the Earth, because this is our home and we need it to stay healthy and safe."

    • "I promise that I will think about the questions I have, and learn as much as I can about how things work."

    • Think about
      how other

      "I promise that before I say something or do something to another person, I will stop to think about how I would feel if somebody else said that or did that to me."

    • Tell the

      "I promise that I will always tell the truth and take responsibility for my own actions."

    • Help

      "I promise that I will help those who are sad or angry by being a good friend to them."

    • Take good care of myself!

      "I promise to eat healthy, get plenty of sleep and exercise, and practice good personal hygiene."

    Will you make these
    seven promises too?


    Videos are a fun and educational way to hear stories and learn about science!


    Science Experiments!

    Science is the study of how everything in our universe fits together. Try doing these experiments to learn more about how our world works.


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